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Pd: Club Playlists

Club Playlists

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"He tried to tell me something

Thanks for the continued support from DJ’s Martin Oldgoth, Thomas Thyssen and Dragnet to name just a few…

Where no track is listed below, they played ’Atoms’. The rest have been listed, … and sometimes ‘Atoms’ has been listed too!

So, thank you ALL to:


Club Playlists

Thanks to a wealth of dedicated DJ’s, fans, music lovers… out there who over the years have enjoyed and more to the point - WANTED to play a Party Day song. I thought it was about time that we noted as many of the playlists on the web as possible before the web spat them out . . . and truly amazingly, they keep on coming . . .

Firstly there are a few Goth/ Darkwave DJ’s that had published their lists on the web, so we know that scores of Goths took to the floor mostly for ‘Atoms’, which I believe had been noticed due to Strobelight’s monumental release.