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Party Day's Martin and the fake cover of  'The Face'

So what happened? With hindsight it's still guess work worthy of Sherlock, but I believe it was a combination of several factors: In 1983 John Walters was back as producer and it was JW that went to the gigs, to find the new bands for the show. I had tried several times to get him to any of our London dates; the Clarendon, the Embassy even the Greyhound, but without success (date clashes?).

I knew Peel already liked our music and he’d recognised something wonderful within it (from our chats), but it seems the combination of him constantly 'looking out for the unusual in non-specific' music and the fact that in 1984 the majority of Peel Sessions became known as the era of 'non-electric cowpunk' was not in our favour.

As the second single came out, more noticeable gig dates for the band were on the horizon, so it was a door that would be soon open for them . . . but not during my time with the band. Events moved on; Martin wasn’t well and I left in Sept ‘84.

Funnily enough, here’s a familiar story from years earlier, Peel was the first to play the Def Leppard EP nationally (1979) which began the stampede to their recognition, but they didn't fit the 'Session' criteria, and therefore probably didn't need one. I knew Joe at the time, and had he been asked to do a Peel Session, he would have sold all the band's mothers without hesitation to do it. Peel was that vital to numerous generations and genres. Long Live Peel. Forever missed.

Club Playlists

Thanks to a wealth of dedicated DJ’s out there who over the years have loved playing Party Day. I thought it was about time that we noted as many of the playlists on the web as possible . . . and amazingly, they keep on coming . . .

Firstly there are a few Goth/ Darkwave DJ’s that had published their lists on the web, so we know that scores of Goths took to the floor mostly for ‘Atoms’, which I believe had been noticed due to Strobelight’s monumental release. Thanks for the continued support from Martin Oldgoth, Thomas Thyssen and Dragnet to name just a few DJs…

Where no track has been listed, then it was ’Atoms’ that was aired. The rest have been listed.

So, thank you to:

Online Radio Playlists

Where I’ve not listed any track, they had played ‘Atoms’;


You Tube, Facebook and others:

The web is full of individual playlists/ mixtapes from band fans or goth indie fans in general, in fact, I’ve only mentioned a few above. Also there’s the online radio sites that probably hold the whole music archive ready for you with a simple click.

Here is a sample Google search page to give you a flavour of it all. It’s good that people still remember and like Party Day. I have noticed the ‘branding’ ‘old-school’ - which to my mind means ‘originals’!  Which I like to think they were of course.

To quote a very old song title - ‘the band who wouldn’t die . . .’

"He tried to tell me something


The Fake cover shot


John Peel and the Playlists

#topnow2 #topnow2

That elusive Radio One Session for John Peel was the marker that bands strove for, and sometimes collapsed like a black hole afterwards. The recognition from The Master was essential, not only did it give you credibility, it also served as a trampoline to greater things (if you were lucky).

Peel Radio Shows - Wow, more recently I’ve managed to unearth even more material from the web and friends. Now were up to four of Peel’s Radio 1 show playlists; the first one featured ‘Rabbit Pie’ on 6 March 84 (the only track to interest him from the ‘Giraffe in Flames’ comp LP) and so far, I now have lists for ‘The Spider’, which was played on the 3 April 84, 15 May 84 and 2 July 84.

Many thanks to Kris W and The Perfumed Garden. - And I’m still searching for more! Where are the listings for ‘Row The Boat Ashore’ and ‘Athena’?