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The Start of …

Party Day began in the Autumn of 1981. I arrived the following Summer to help them get organised. And here are a few scribbles of that time with them, from my diary; full of the highs, the lows and the irritating bits in-between!

Chapter 1 of Not Enough Monkeys was originally here as 4 web pages, but has now been condensed into a simple pdf file:

Party Day - Squaring up to 1982 Party Day - Chapter 1 Party Day - Chapter 2 Greg Firth  (Party Day) Carl Mick Martin

Party Day in 1982

"I don't know why I feel so guilty, maybe it's because you care"

This went up to: the release of the ‘Four Your Ears Only’ EP on Play it Again Sam records in Belgium (PIAS No.2 no less!), and the recording of ‘Atoms’ and ‘Boredom’, and a few abandoned possibilities. Any Party Day fan will tell you, that this was only a fraction of the time of their existence.

The rest of the text will probably not be expanded on, so I hope you like what’s here… the days before mobiles, the internet and computers. Truly ‘Old School’ methodology.

Not Enough Monkeys’? Well this covered the time I was with them, from 1982 to the autumn of 1984 (not including the spell with them as ‘Further Experiments’).