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The Start of …

Party Day began in the Autumn of 1981. I arrived the following Summer to help them get organised. And here are a few scribbles of that time with them, from my diary; full of the highs, the lows and the irritating bits in-between!

Chapter 1 of Not Enough Monkeys was originally here as 4 web pages, but has now been condensed into a simple pdf file:

Party Day - Squaring up to 1982 Party Day - Chapter 1 Party Day - Chapter 2 Greg Firth  (Party Day) Carl Mick Martin

Party Day in 1982

"I don't know why I feel so guilty, maybe it's because you care"

This went up to: the release of the ‘Four Your Ears Only’ EP on Play it Again Sam records in Belgium (PIAS No.2 no less!), and the recording of ‘Atoms’ and ‘Boredom’, and a few abandoned possibilities. Any Party Day fan will tell you, that this was only a fraction of the time of their existence.

Not Enough Monkeys’? Well this covered the time I was with them, from 1982 to the autumn of 1984 (not including the spell with them as ‘Further Experiments’).

The rest of the text will probably not be expanded on, so I hope you like what’s here… the days before mobiles, the internet and computers. Truly ‘Old School’ methodology.