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Party Day: Demos
Party Day - second demo tape

This is a scan of the Party Day demo tape that we recorded in November 1982. (Go to In the Studio page, for more info). This was packaged for the agents and promoters, and the sleeve design we used was as shown below. FX003 took form, and was a cheeky little appetiser.

And while I was putting this updated version of the site together, I began to trawl the web and was quite surprised by what I found.

Here is a new section devoted to the demo tapes of early Party Day. While I was searching through the boxes and bags from numerous moves and ages. I came across these designs which were used at the time.

Party Day - animated logo Party Day - logo Party Day - second demo tape FX003

However previous to this was the repackage of the first demo tape from Party Day, which was recorded in the early months of 1982. Repackaged as ‘San Cullottes’, these songs were the original backbone of the group.

And if it was a wine, it would have been a full bodied red wine,  ideal with steak.

Party Day - first demo tape FX101 Party Day - Photo Booth

Sans Cullottes: This  dummy cassette release was in the hope that it would give the band and its tape more prominence with the local promoters. Also it was sent for review in a tapes fanzine, but the review and the ‘zine has been lost in time.

It was listed as FX101.

I had never expected to find that an old copy of the demo tape that the group recorded in 1982 would turn up on Ebay in 2010. I wonder if he got the ₤10.00 he was asking for. Here is a pdf copy of the Party Day Ebay page. It’s been absolutely ages since I’ve seen the design on this tape - Wow, flashback time. Also it’s now a defunkt telephone number.

"What you see is what you get”

Party Day - Single's demo tape FX004 Party Day - logo

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The tape was simply called ‘Industrious Waves’, (FX004)  and was the title of the demo/promo tape which was sent out to various record companies in the Summer of 1984. It featured both A sides plus ‘Rabbit Pie’. The tape was part of a much greater press package that was produced for scouting record companies. The accompanying booklet contained a brief biography of the band, plus copies of their numerous reviews and interviews.