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Thanks to that wonderful man (and not the one from Delmonte), I am in fact talking about 'the American' - Marc Berger. Besides creating the first two collections on CD, consisting of both LP's plus extra tracks - he also created an impressive compilation CD. His enthusiasm

persuaded me that people still cared about the band,  and between us,  we were able to transfer some early raw and unknown material from cassette to CD (before the technology was readily available). The limited Party Day Archive made real.

So this joint venture created both ‘Splitting the Atom, Shelling the Pea’ and ‘The Buck Stops Here’. Both CD's offered hinted as to what might have been with the first line up. As with all things, these are no longer available.

Incredible to unearth a bootleg from 1986 on the web. No idea who or what Jarmusic was, but the cassette seems to have a Yorkshire flavour. So if anyone out there, possibly in Leeds can enlighten me, it would be great to know . . . and no, I don’t have a copy. And where did ‘Autumn Waves’ come from?

Party Day: Bootlegs

     CD Title



Collage V

Possible the very first compilation (and it’s a cassette) and includes ‘My Heroine’. (Track list)


Glasshouse LP Plus

The following extras (Glasshouse & the Spider singles): My Heroine / Let us Shine / Smile / Poison / The Spider / Flies / Borderline.

Simplicity LP Plus

The following extras: (tracks by 'Silent Scream' & 'Second Coming' [fellow Barnsley bands]).

Sounds of the Vault, Volume 1

Marc Berger’s 17 track compilation CD includes Party Day’s track ‘Atoms’.


Splitting the Atom, Shelling the Pea

features: Values / The Spider / Opium Gathering / Poison / Flies / Springboard / Commitment / Rabbit Pie / Washing Line / Party Day*/ Them / 'interview' / EMSS / Matter.


The Buck Stops Here

features: The Spider / Flies / Boredom*/ Rabbit Pie / My Heroine / Carousel / Glasshouse / 'interview' / Neuro Dance / Opium Gathering / Tin Sky / Washing Line / Another NR.


New Wave, Volume 5

Internet only compilation which includes Party Day’s track ‘Atoms’. (Track list)


Strangers, Still

Internet only compilation featuring Party Day’s track ‘Grace’. (Track list)

2011 (June)

Gothic Rockpilation, CD 5

Internet only compilation featuring Party Day’s track ‘Atoms’. (Track list)

2011 (Sept)

Cold Moments, Volume 3

Internet only compilation featuring Party Day’s track ‘Atoms’. (Track list)


De Siniestreo, Toma 01

Another web only compilation . . . and it’s the track ‘Atoms’. (Track list)

2013 (May)

Forgotten Reign

. . . and another web only compilation, and it’s  . . . ‘Atoms’. (Track list)

2013 (Nov)

Dead Music is Alive!!!

. . . and another web only compilation, how ever, this time it’s ‘Rabbit Pie’ that takes centre stage. (Track list)

2013 (Nov)

Autumn Waves, CD 3

. . . Another one creeps out of the web, and surprise… not! It’s ‘Atoms’.

(Track list)


Deepest Cuts, Volume 7

‘The 80s Underground’ . . . Time passes and yet, the corpse of Party Day rolls once more, to the tune of . . .  ‘Let Us Shine’. (Track list)


Silhouettes & Shadows 6 (unofficial)

We all loved the official release, but someone thought it wasn’t enough! Includes ‘Atoms’ (Track list)


Party Day - Simplicity Plus cover foto Party Day - Glasshouse Plus cover foto Party Day - Splitting the Atom... 'bootleg' CD cover Party Day - The Buck Stops Here 'bootleg' CD cover party-day.mp3 boredom.mp3 Forgotten Reign

"And when you’ve gone, you’d wish you’d never been"

Since 2010 there has been a collection of (sometimes brief) internet only compilations that may or may not be around any longer.

Many thanks to those dedicated fans out there, who are still interested in all things Party Day.

Now, onto the Demo’s Section for further tasty treats.