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Party Day on YouTube

Party Day have quite a few of their songs up on YouTube, if not almost everything! (2015 online list) This is due to many diehard fans who refuse to let the band lie down in obscurity, Many thanks to one and ALL.

It says a lot that despite neither achieving major success nor recognition, there are fans out there that loved the band. So Party Day tip-toed around the edges; John Peel loved their sound, but they never had a session, when some lessor bands did. Being favoured and overlooked in equal measures by Peel (and Walters) brings it’s own problems . . .

There are quite a few PD vids on YouTube, and most of them are using my PD photos (which is fine by me) for the visuals. Anyway, I’ve been inspired to have a

Party Day - artwork for 'The Spider' single

go and create some videos (sdtfoto). And rather than use photos (my own at that!) I’ve used stock footage that’s royalty free and public domain footage. We respect others artwork. So it’s taken time and patience to weave credible (‘for me’) visual/story lines that fit the atmosphere of the song. To date, there are six unique videos for Party Day songs (not including ‘Peel and Party Day’, which is an intro), these are online from 2015-2021 at sdtfoto1. (Note these are my interpretations of the songs based on my thoughts about the tone of each track and not the bands view).

Party Day’ [2015] - the song that inspired the name, or was it the other way around?

Opium Gathering’ [2015] - a different kind of song, and a different kind of pace.

Flies’ (Hover mix) [2015] - an edited mix to the one which had been released as the b-side to ‘The Spider’.

Peel and Party Day’ [2015]- Peel’s voice over introduces the band [Short introduction].

Carousel’ [2016] - A real gem. Thanks to the genius of Dean, who’d had a gig video’d in late 1984, when the band were in transition. And all from one camera too!

My Heroine’ [2017] - A majestic song from the Glasshouse EP.

Atoms’ [2018-21] - the song that revitalised interest in the band.

Them’ (2022), an early recording and crowd favourite.

It’s been all fun and hard work and if the response is favourable I might do a few more.

So here you are . . .  Click on the Playlist icon:        for the PD selection.

"Living a hectic life in the city"

In 1987, the next version of Party Day worked on a proposed (but abandoned) third album. Two tracks eventually found their way onto YouTube; the first being ‘Aching’, with its own video, the second track was ‘I Held her Hand’, from former band member Paul Nash (now rejoined The Danse Society). The songs hinted at a major change in musical direction (more punky). Note: this version of the band had only one original member, Mick. However much later, both Mick and Dean confirmed that by using the PD name, it was hoped it would lead to fresh interest and a release . . ..

Since Dean’s death, Paul has put all the tracks from the two sessions online as a tribute to his dear friend, under the project’s working title.

Also Noted - Giraffe in Flames: For a short time (2016), this compilation LP had surfaced in its entirety on You Tube, but only static photos were used. ‘Rabbit Pie’ still reigned supreme! Where did it go?