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Party Day: Memories

Memories I Will Always Cherish

1 in 12 Club, Bradford

Leeds University

The Back Catalogue

A Yankee At King Arthur’s Court

A Few Memories Worth Cherishing

Party Day needs You

"I can only stay a while"

Let’s not forget the rebirth in interest of this band, when in the summer of 1994 from the land of stars and stripes, Marc Berger came a calling.

As he put it, as I was in the country at the time, it would’ve been rude of me not to go to Barnsley to seek out this band that he much admired (pictured here, L to R: Carl, Marc, Martin and Greg), down the local. And Marc actually jammed with them, and he knew more about the song structures than they themselves remembered!

Marc was later instrumental in the production and design of the two ’official’ bootleg CD’s of extra material.

Party Day - enjoying ale with Marc Berger #topmain1

[Party Day Website - went on line as of 1999, and updated 'Aug 02' (both on Geocities), now here as from October 2010]

Party day: Athena, PIAS recordings

1 in 12 Club Bradford

This venue became a favourite of the band, as the played there on three occasions:


Here are a few of the moments that bring a smile to my face each time I think of the fun and hard times with the band: Although there were many and quite a few ‘lost’ nights amongst these times - it was a joy to be had.


So what of the back catalogue? Well check out the Recordings section, which shows a number of auction sites that Party Day has appeared on. So some of their vinyl finds frequent new homes.

As for video, if you’ve seen the latest news, then you'll know one such video did exist of the Party Day ‘in transition’ in December 1984. (Can’t thank you enough Dean for this). But I still don’t know what happened to the video recordings of their gigs at La Phonographique in Leeds and Bradford’s Queens Hall. Although the quality was crap, it would still be good to see what could be ‘rescued’ or not, from it.

The Back Catalogue

Leeds University

Gig listing for the band supporting The Chameleons and Getting The Fear - mid 1985 as the band were in transition.

A Yankee At King Arthur's Court

After Marc, the planet rotated around the Sun for a few more years and then appeared Strobelight Records. . . the first inklings of an afterlife for the band . . .