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From the people responsible for ROAR magazine comes 'Giraffe in Flames', a 14 track sampler that retails for £1.99. Like all compilations, you have to keep moving the stylus to avoid disaster areas, but there are one or two moments lurking among the drab poetry and rickety racket. 'Rabbit Pie' by Party Day is a slightly off-centre stab at U2's blood and thunder, very stirring, whilst the light, relaxed

vocals and crafted interplay on 'Abigail’s Party' reveal Victims of Romance to be worthy of further investigation.

As a very small and cheap drop in the ocean with limited aims and a heart in near enough the right place, 'Giraffe in Flames' can't be faulted.

Bart Bartie - NME 17 March 84

Highlight though is Party Day's effort, a meaty guitar based number, Rabbit Pie. The threesome are coming on by leaps and bounds and Giraffe in Flames is worth buying just for them.

Martin Lilleker - THE STAR 11 Feb 1984

For less than £2, discover 'Giraffe in Flames' and catch a fresh whiff of local culture. A forty minute compilation of ten Yorkshire bands, the album is the first release from the Leeds based Aaz Records.

'Rabbit Pie' provides the promising start. No strangers to the local circuit, Party Day have gigged consistently for almost a year. Here, the sound of splintered guitar over beguiling vocals, should be enough to provide the Barnsley trio with the recognition they deserve.

NEM - LEEDS OTHER PAPER 27 January 1984

Also Giraffe in Flames LP gets a mention at the Mutant Sounds Blog - “Strange Yet excellent” (2007)

Rabbit Pie on ‘Giraffe In Flames’

#x-eptop #x-eptop

"They all came back today"

Athena on ‘4 Your Ears Only’

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry have their new single a wee bit round the edges, tailing off towards the end in its search for some gruff, insinuous connections and they, The Red Guitars, Party Day and The Luddites all crop up on this Belgian import.

Which features a shaky version of 'Steeltown', the prickling 'This Today’ from the Lorrymen, cadaver finess in 'Just to Return' from The Luddites, with Party Day holding up the rear with a distinguished and disquieting 'Athena. What corner sweetshops used to call 'a mixed bag'.

ZIGZAG No.31 June 1984

Four gargantuan bands, four gargantuan tracks.

It's be easy to gush on about this, what with it being so gargantuan and everything, but instead, why not take a risk and buy it purely on the off-chance you might find it gargantuan too. GARGANTUAN.

Mr Spencer - SOUNDS August 1984

Atoms on ‘Strobelights Vol. 3’

The following is an excerpt from  in depth review of this compilation CD - [Strobelights for the full review],

“Party Day are typically restrained in ‘Atoms’ and the sound just emanates like a visible aura and this is sensational modesty. (Do they have a compilation CD out?).

Overall, a definite thing of beauty.”

Mick Mercer (www.strobelight-records.com/s_rec/reviews/rev_strob3_mickm.htm)

everyone that they can come up with the goods in the studio as well, and it's a critical shame that they are not recognised for it on a wider scale.

Richard Rouska - ROUSKA 1986

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Party Day range impressively, through throttling back down a nice guitar maze on the solemn 'My Heroine' and spitting fury with 'Let Us Shine'. Very strange behaviour for the indie world! A sign of growth?

Reviews page - MELODY MAKER 30 November 1985

A soothing pop excursion with a warm fragility offset by big bones and stamping feet . . . perfect emphasis thrown onto the vocals. All's well.

Cathode Ray Street - ZIGZAG September 1985

Four glorious, atmospheric pop ditties, the most immediate being the title track 'Glasshouse' with one of those 'catchy' tunes that makes you think you've heard it somewhere before - but give the others a couple of listens and they're equally as convincing; 'My Heroine' with one of the most gorgeous bass lines I've ever heard, 'Let Us Shine', more powerful and rousing than the others with a sort of 'Skids-feel' to it, and 'Smile', another bass orientated song . . . very atmospheric.

Besides being on of the better live bands around, Party Day continually prove to

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