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Party Day: auction sites

Greece, Japan and of course, locally in Yorkshire I’m still amazed of how far and wide their reputation had spread. Maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised, as they are oh so rare. And such a variety of prices! So let’s break it down:

Auction: Ebay

Early three track demo (1982) - Mar 2010

Party Day on Ebay, this time someone is selling a vintage interview article!! And it’s £6.99 too . . . a bargain (2010)

Other Auction Sites

Besides Ebay there has Party Day activity elsewhere:

At Collectors Frenzy - Glasshouse-LP (US$25) Oct 2012

Maybe you missed your opportunity to get one of these fab rare pieces of feel good black vinyl. Well thanks to the web and its many auction sites, the vinyl is still out there. These are more rare than the ‘Pistols Anarchy single on EMI!! Obviously not as vital but to the few … it is!

Let’s start with Ebay, one of the the homes of the unwanted and desired. Party Day vinyl continues to surface all over the wide; the USA,

Party Day - animated logo

For Sale on the Web

It’s amazing to see how the word has spread, as there are offers here from USA, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Lithuania, Spain, France, Belgium . . . Check out the listed offers here:


Party Day’s vinyl has been well represented, with several copies on offer.

And of course….

Amazon and Beyond

CD and LP.com

Here’s a list of singles and compilations and their prices - Mar 2016

Raging Sun Rear Sleeve

"But the devil tells him No