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This website is a celebration of Party Day’s indie goth music and their foot note in the grand scheme of things.

Party Day produced some great music during the 80’s and were exciting to watch live. Their ‘post-punk’ indie-rock (sometimes ‘darkwave’, sometimes ‘coldwave’, even ‘Old-School Goth’ - the cheek!) goth songs soared and swooped, and once heard, you couldn’t forget them. However success was always a step away. Their light shone bright but oh so briefly. Their music continues to be played both in the Goth clubs throughout the world and on selective online radio shows. I kid ye not. And they continue to find new fans.

There has never been a reunion gig of worth, but while the band lived and breathed, it was a breath of fresh air; their raw energetic music created chords that splattered and ricocheted off the walls. Susan Williams described them as “They hold their guitars like loaded AK47's”, and Andy Darlington, another journalist converted to the cause called them “explosive cartridges onstage” - this band was ‘serious joy’. If you were lucky to see Party Day play live, you knew what that meant.

Party Day was a band with mixed musical blood, a band to be loved, and a band that’s been missed. Oh what could have been.

It’s Grim Up North! But that’s the weather for you . . .

Party Day flying high with 'The Spider' single

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"Ten thousand women dancing round the silos"

"When shall we three meet again in thunder, lightning, or in rain? When the hurly burly 's done. When the battle's lost and won".  

                 (Shakespeare's Macbeth)

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